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Meet Darryl.. the Director edit!

Darryl is an Associate Director for EK McQuade team.

He is passionate about customer care and responding to clients promptly. He is also quick on his feet too, as we found out during the interview…

Q Darryl, what made you decide to become a Building Surveyor?

I was always intrigued by the different architectural styles of buildings in London and by the vast amount of construction work that was being carried out on most streets in the capital.

I opted to study a construction technology course at college and obtained a diploma which allowed me to further my studies and enrol onto an undergraduate building surveying course at Nottingham Trent University.  After graduating with a BSc (Hons) degree, I then started working for a small building consultancy in North London and their main client was a Housing Association.  I was tasked with cyclical and planned maintenance programmes, defect analysis, stock condition and damp surveys and party wall work.

I enjoyed what the party wall work entailed and decided to further my career and specialise as a party wall surveyor.  I have since worked for leading consultancies in London that practice in this field and I have been involved in many complex and challenging commercial and residential schemes.

Q. What is the most unexpected discovery you’ve made on a site visit?

In the early days of my career as a building surveyor, I carried out a damp condition survey of a property in North London.  The tenants initially showed me around, so that I was able to gain my bearings and they were then happy for me to make my own way around unassisted, and so I did.  I was near the end of my inspection and I had only the master bedroom remaining.  I went to inspect the window aperture, pulled back the curtains and saw a handgun and ammunition that had been left on the sill.  As you can imagine, the survey was finished off as promptly as I was able to, I then said my goodbyes and (excuse the pun) was out of there in a shot…

Q. What has been your proudest surveying job or project to date?

There have been many, but It is always a proud moment for me knowing that the client is happy with the way that the job has been handled.  Construction works are likely to have their issues, but it is the way in which if a problem were to arise, how it is overcome by providing clear advice and communicating effectively with the parties involved to overcome any hurdle and resolve matters.

Q. What is your favourite building in the world?

I am going to keep it local and go with the Royal Exchange in the City of London.  The portico, pediment and columns always catch my eye when I come out of Bank Station.

Q. Describe EK in 5 words!

Opportunity, innovative, ambitious, results and growth

To get in touch with Darryl, send him an email or call the London office on 020 3667 1510.