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Are you an Architect or Developer with Party Wall headaches?

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Party Wall issues you might be dealing with

Are your projects being delayed on-site because of Party Wall issues?

Are you wasting energy managing inefficient Party Wall negotiations?

Do you feel Party Wall fees often spiral on your projects?

Being left in the dark on the progress of your Party Wall Awards?

Do you feel Party Wall matters are being unnecessarily over-complicated?

Are new projects not getting off-the-ground due to Party Wall delays?

Have you considered a specialist Party Wall partner?

The specialist Party Wall surveyor

We have a track record for agreeing Awards promptly

Over 70% of jobs go from Notice to Award in under four months

We have a collective 50 years’ Party Wall experience

3000 Party Wall Awards completed and counting

Why partner with us?

Fast, efficient and cost effective

Our business thrives on repeat business and new referrals – not excessive fees from overcomplicating negotiations to string things out! We provide detailed fee proposals, so you know what to expect and can pass that confidence on to your clients.

Regular updates

We know our clients like to be kept in the loop, not in the dark. So, in addition to informing clients when milestones are reached, we update them regularly on where things are at.

Covid/Pandemic secure

During 2020, we developed rigorous protocols for ensuring our staff, clients and everyone else is kept as safe as possible while we work. We not only comply with official guidance, but take health and safety personally.

A commercial mindset

We are commercially-minded and understand the needs of everyone involved in the property development business – above all the need to work fast and efficiently at every stage of a project. We offer strategic consultancy advice prior to planning, advising the best way to utilise the Party Wall etc. Act.

Client testimonials

What I really like about EK McQuade is that it doesn’t cost me too much time – that’s very important, that we can delegate with the Party Wall issue and they manage it and I’m being copied on emails…to have someone you can rely on, someone professional to deal with that.

Roman Halat

Craft Architects

Of all the Party Wall surveyors I’ve worked with (and I’ve worked with quite a few), I’ve found Julian and his team to be the most proficient in terms of their response times to questions and being co-operative and helping to move the process along.

Nicky Kirk

Nicholas Kirk Architects

Party Wall Masterclass

We are committed to sharing knowledge and increasing your understanding and awareness of how the Party Wall etc. Act impacts your daily work in addition to providing you with the knowledge to know what to do to make the process easier. Our regular Party Wall Masterclasses include:

Basic Introduction to the Party Wall etc. Act

Different types of notices, where they apply

Different types of owners

Who are the various surveyors

Tips for improving the party wall process at design stage

Structural and temporary works design considerations

Case studies

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