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The Party Wall Act for Property Managers

Click here to read At some point, all property managers have to deal with Party Wall matters, yet it remains an area that many are unfamiliar with. In fact, not all building surveyors are fully au fait with Party Wall work, so we made certain that EK McQuade became market leading specialists.

Party Wall Bites ..

Topic: Practical Detailing for Rear Extensions Thursday 18th March, 12.45pm Party Bites are short and snappy CPD Sessions for busy Architects who want to be proactive in understanding all things Party Wall. In no more than 15 minutes, each session takes on a different aspect of this increasingly important area of practice, giving Architects the … Read more

Don’t let Licence to Alter Drive you up the Wall

The number of leaseholders seeking permission to alter their apartments are on the rise. This has been driven by the need for more homeworking space, perhaps a children’s playroom, or simply to capitalise on the value created from an alteration.  Building surveyors and property managers are seeing more sophistication and ingenuity in effecting those changes, … Read more

What does a party wall surveyor actually do?

Many architects will at some stage have to deal with so-called party wall matters, which come up whenever a building owner wants to undertake works that could affect an adjoining property. As surveyors specialising in party wall matters, EK McQuade have worked on a huge variety of party wall-related projects, acting for both building owners … Read more

Party wall checklist for Architects

If you have attended our CPD workshop on Party Wall matters, you will know we have a number of tips on what architects can do to help create efficiencies in the process. We thought it would be useful to prepare a checklist to help you put those tips into action when involved in the design … Read more

What happens when there is damage to neighbours building during Party Wall work, and who pays for the repair?

The Party Wall Act is clear in that the Building Owner (who is carrying out notifiable work) shall compensate any Adjoining Owner (who is next to notifiable work) where any damage arises as a result of the notifiable work.  In addition to this, the Act explains that an Adjoining Owner may agree to allow the … Read more