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Rights to Light Impacted Neighbour services

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If you have received letters of notice from a neighbouring developer, or have your own concerns that a nearby development might affect your property’s access to natural light, we are here to help with the potential right to light neighbour disputes which may arise.

We will first establish the facts and whether your property qualifies for a Right to Light, and if so we will help you assert your rights. This could apply to freehold owners, head leaseholders and in some instances sub lessees.

EK McQuade Rights to Light services

Initial Site Inspection Appraisal covering legal and technical aspects of potential claim

Aerial Drone Survey based technical analysis

Review and validation of 3rd Party ROL Consultant analysis

Rights to Light impact & compensation calculation

Rights to Light negotiation & settlement

Scheme cutback calculations to maintain adequate light

Strategic reporting

Management of client portfolio for affected properties

Transferred Rights to Light Investigation

Light Obstruction Notices Served

Expert Witness

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