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Meet the team – Rahul Morar

Rahul is a Party Wall Surveyor based in London. He deals exclusively with issues arising under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 and associated neighbourly matters, such as crane and scaffold oversail licences, Neighbourly Liaison.

Q. Q. What made you decide to become Party Wall surveyor??

Growing up, I’ve always been captivated by old structures and the stories they hold. Ancient structures have always stirred a sense of wonder within me. From towering castles to quaint cottages, each building tells a unique tale of human history and craftsmanship.

It was this fascination with architecture and historical buildings that ultimately led me to pursue a career as a Party Wall Surveyor. The role allows me to closely interact with structures, both old and new. Being able to work on projects involving party walls, which often have historical significance, allows me to contribute to the preservation of our built heritage.

Q. What is the most unexpected discovery you’ve made on a site visit?

When working on a project for The Royal Philatelic Society, the adjoining building was an old church called St Mary Abchurch. In the lower basement of this church was a bricked-up section with a small hole where one of the bricks were missing. I was told by a staff member that if you looked through this opening in the wall you would be able to see skeletons of old human remains.

Q. What has been your proudest surveying job or project to date?

My proudest project has been providing neighbourly matters advise for the new Ilona Rose House which is a 300,000 sq ft mixed use scheme, developed by Soho Estates on Charing Cross Road. I was fortunate to advise and see the development of this building from groundwork up to completion.

Q. What is your favourite building in the world?

It is not a building, but I recently visited The Palm in Dubai, and I was amazed at the scale of it. I had taken a tour while I was there, and it was incredible to see how The Palm was created off the sea and the fact that it was completed in only 6 years is impressive.

Q. What types of surveying work do you enjoy the most?

I really enjoy Party Wall surveying on large scale projects where I am able to see the completion of a new building starting from the architects drawing to the final build.

Q. Describe EKM in 5 words!

Specialists, Friendly, Aspirational, Knowledgeable & Innovative.

To get in touch with Rahul, send him an email or call the London office on 020 3488 0516.